Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a day it has been. Last night I put on a crockpot full of beans because I was expecting DH's sister & her DH.  This morning after I did chores I started on a rhubarb cake as I knew that his sister liked rhubarb raw - so I wanted to test her to see what she would think of a cake.

While I was working on that Our Oldest son & a friend of his showed up and proceeded to mow our yard. They had a small lawn mower and a small John Deere tractor -but after just one trip for the lawn mower the steering broke. I did two small sacks of grass clippings and put them on a few of the newly planted tomato plants mulched. That was one reason I had not mowed because I wanted it for the garden and I waited until the doctor visit to save gas before I got the plants. Then when I was ready to mow and mulch -that was when I got the rug hung under the mower??? By the time I got that fixed it had started to rain & that was why it had not been mowed. Pooh! It seems like every time I touch that mower something always goes wrong and prevents me from getting my education.

But, anyway - now there were two guys mowing -next Cory's wife and two daughters-one with her almost two year old  and one son with his two children-this one up top is 8 months old and the other will be two this fall .

They  came for a visit while Cory mowed. Then our youngest son and his little 16 month old baby boy popped in with a friend of his.Emmett's little on was wide open so I put up baby gates to keep him in the living room with the rest of the small fry.

This is little Emmett with his Aunt Tracy tickling him /

Emmett & his buddy , Bronson. Bronson gave me some flowers called Hens & Chickens from a job he did for somebody. I was tickled to death and as soon as they left I went out and planted them so I would not forget!

This is our oldest son sitting beside DH . Not only did he mow -but he is also coming to get our car in the morning  to fix it so we can get it inspected . He has already ordered the parts & is suppose to pick them up in the morning. It bothers me that he is paying for things for us as I know he needs it for  his family. I sure do wish I could get that "money-tree" to grow and be productive.

My sister-in-law did show up and she held Casper (her parrot on loan to DH as he enjoys having him to talk to) She held Casper and I trimmed his nails. I did good until the last clip and I nipped it too short and made it bleed. Drats! I really hate that !  Casper is such a funny character. Since he is 26 he makes me think of a grumpy little old man.  Kathy was going to hand him back to me to put in the cage & when I reached for him he SHREAKED at me. LOL - Everybody thought it was because I had nipped him -but I knew it was because he did not want to leave his Mama. She got him when he was nothing more than a little ball of fluff and she worked with him constantly -so , of course he sees her as his Mommy. You can see by the way he is cuddled up to her that he is perfectly happy.

  Cory actually sneaked a picture of me as I was swinging Little Emmett between my legs. Sneaky, Sneaky!
I did get REALLY Lucky as I feed the entire crew with that one crockpot full of beans with cornbread to go with it -chow chow on the side and the rhubarb cake for desert!

Come to think of it - I did not see the oldest son eat. !Drats.
Now they have all gone and I am POOPED! I did the evening chores and washed the dishes.Good thing about beans is it was all bowls-down to the very last one. LOL

I am so very tired , but I have managed to cut out one shirt so far. Can you believe that it is already HALF way through our year -SO - Christmas is only 6 months away.  I am so far behind already. But, I have started learning about those chemo caps for the cancer patients. I bet I have crocheted half of my life-but I am learning now about the different properties of the yards. For the caps they have to be SOFT and the first group I made was from a very soft and stretchy yarn so I really liked them.

But a group I am working on now -the yarns look soft -but they are not comping out with the stretch that I hoped for. I have even ripped them out and tried a different pattern -but not with much luck ??? Gosh, so much to learn and so little time to learn it in. LOL

I hope you have a lovely week coming up that Joy walks with you.
Hugs, Linda


  1. Hi Linda...
    I LOVED all the pictures!
    The bean soup makes me want some~! I love onions chopped up in mine~ I also like sweet corn bread..but I know southern people usually don't like any sugar in theirs. How do you like yours?

    Still praying for Hubby~ ♥♥♥

  2. So nice to have your family come to visit and help out.
    It must have been a weekend for families...