Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi Blog Family,
It is hard to believe that DH has been at home for two weeks today. I was taking pictures of the granddaughters cutting his finger nails -one on each side of him -when DDL jumped in front of me Just as he got tickled and laughed so I went ahead and snapped it -even if I did get her arm - I still got the smile.

In my personal experience taking care of someone you love is a little like riding a roller coaster, some days you have a high day when things co-operate and your patient feels decent. Other days is like the roller coaster swooping down and going through a dark tunnel. If they feel bad you automatically blame it on the cancer when I really can be something else -like a BUG.

I say this because Yesterday DH was SO Sick. He was riding with me to the mill when all of a sudden -out of the blue I had to stop in the middle of a country road because there was a guard rail and I could not get out of the road for DH to throw up. I HATE to see him throw up as in my own experience it just takes SO much out of you. Then a little further down the road -same story.

I had just pulled out on the mail road when he directed me to dart into a little side road . As he baled out of the vehicle he dropped his slacks and we opened both doors on one side for what little bit of privacy  that we could muster and things flew out of him from both ends. It was horrible

I had put some sox tops that I had cut off into the car to use in emergencies and this was just the time. We used the tops kinda like a liner to his clothes as they were all messed up. I made it down the road about two miles when it hit him again . Same story once again and there was no side road this time. Seeing someone you love suffering through this gut wrenching experience just breaks your heart.When we made it back home  he went straight to the shower and I helped wash him off where he could not reach.

Then at 11:30pm he had a mini stroke that lasted for approximately 15 minutes which felt like forever.  His lip drooped on the left side really bad and I had trouble understanding him for a while. I wondered IF it had something to do with all of that stress ??????

Our youngest son & his family was here at that time & then today our oldest son & his wife came so he could mow our neighbors yard that DH had enjoyed doing and it meant so much to him.They live on a steep hill and he got halfway through and the belt broke on him.Seems as if there is always something going on that you cannot prepare for.

DH has not co-operated with me for the last two days on drinking his alternative tea and without it in his system at a constant level it cannot help him and that scares me to death.Also his appetite is not good . Yesterday he ate one small egg all day long. I know he fears eating because then his stomach hurts. He slept most of the day today.

I have not given up on my sewing -this is two more chemo caps that I sewed and I was happy with them. Everything I had donated in the last two weeks had already been taken -they were All crocheted caps & some of them I was not thrilled with. But,I do like these. I will check to see this Weds if they are gone???
Though I could not sell any of the kids outfits that I made - at least making these and donating them makes me happy.It is a shame that it takes money for the supplies.

I did have a nice surprise this week as Chris from DietCokeRocks sent me a "care package" and I loved everything in it . There were some LOVELY  fabrics and a real treat called Pineapple Lumps! I loved them -it was neat to get to test a treat from another corner of our world. I found myself just quietly grinning -that is what a big effect her kindness was.

I love each of you and appreciate All of the kind words and prayers on our behalf. I do not post to complain , but maybe to share this event that could creep into your lives also.My Mom used to say ,"Forewarned is Forewarned"-so maybe that is what it is? I do know I miss spending time with each of you daily! My life seems so out of control right now .

I am trying to keep you guys up to date by aiming for at least one day each week.
I love you - linda


  1. I am crying thinking about how hard life is for you all right now, and I hope your darling Dough does not have to suffer for too much longer.
    I know that will mean he has gone, but when you are at this stage it is sometimes a blessing for that person.
    Know that I think of you EVERY DAY with a heavy heart... and wish I could do more to help you.
    Sadly I am half a world away.

    Much love to you all.


  2. I did get a little smile on my face when your bloke was laughing in his photo. At least he is enjoying the good treatment from those lovely girls. It's nice to hear from you and know that you are managing the driving and chores that need to be done everyday.
    Lots of love to you both XXX

  3. Hi Linda,
    It doesn't matter if there was an arm in the photo, you still got the smile!! I'm glad you're sitll getting to do some crafts, it is your passion. Love the chemo caps.
    Regards, Anita.

  4. Was so nice to see a smile on your DHs face. It's lovely the girls are helping give PawPaw some extra care.
    Pleased you are taking time to do a little sewing.The chemo caps look great.
    Big hugs and love to your both
    Maria XXXX

  5. it was good to see the pic of Hubby and daughters..
    My thoughts and prayers are with you... I know it is a rough road ahead, as I took care of my father. Prayer for strengtth for you too.

  6. Linda, I am glad you are sharing your life right now, even if it is a very difficult part of it. I pray we/your friends can encourage you and your dear hubby! We all have 'dark' times to go through in this life, and it helps to know how each of us gets through it! God bless you both dearly! ♥♥♥