Saturday, June 30, 2012

New chemo cap that I took to the Cancer Center on Weds. I even got brave and embroidered the little flower on that front tab. How I love that Janome ! It really puts up with me and all I ask it for.

Wedsday really turned out to be a different chapter in this ongoing cancer story. As I turned in the chemo caps DH had another stroke right there in the chemo room as the nurse went to flush his Picc Line. They rolled him in the chair into a regular exam room and started giving him pain meds and fluids and meds for vomiting and oxygen. We were like sardines in that small space with all of the medical things.

Then the doctors asked if I wanted to send him to the hospital where it would take a load off of me -OR- whether I wanted to take him home-so I elected to take him home where I thought we could do better. The doctor called Hospice in . I got back home too late for them to come that evening because the drug store did not have the meds .But when I checked in with them the next morning the first nurse came right out and did a history and made arrangements for all kinds of things and it showed up the next morning.

They brought their bed and an air mattress and a wheelchair and a portable pottie and two kinds of oxygen and they put the Catheter (sp?) in. It was kind of overwhelming , but the young nurse was an angel. The next morning another worker came and checked on us .

Then on Friday I asked his sister and her DH to come . Eddie stayed with Doug and Kat went with me to take the critters to the pet store. I don't know what is wrong with my eyes , but I had a fit driving as some kind of film kept creeping in over my eyes and I kept trying wipe them away. I was so grateful for someone riding "shot-gun". When I hit the interstate to come home there was a wreck and we were stuck in traffic for an hour to go one mile . It was horrible.

After they left we had a bad storm -the winds were horrible -they almost blowed me off of our front porch. We lost our electricity and use of all phones. I did not want to open the refrigerator so I stayed out of it until this morning when I figured we were about to lose all of our food anyway. I pulled out cheese and we had them with crackers for breakfast.

 After we had just finished with them a car pulled in and I thought it was a nurse because she was thinking about stopping -it looked like her little light colored car-but NO
It was our lovely daughter and her two children that we have not see in 12 years! What a total nice shock.
It hit DH so hard that he started to cry and of course then me.  These are definitively some "gut-wrenching" times.

Behind her -our oldest son and his family . Cory fixed the lawn mower with the parts that he had bought and paid for and then he fixed the generator and pulled it down to the house and ran a cord in the living room so IF we lose our electricity I will be able to plug something in? We also lost our phones and the internet so I could not let any of you know what had happened.

We got SO lucky with the storm because a tree had scraped one of our granddaughters trailers -but they had just moved from a trailer in the same trailer park and the one they had moved out of was cut in half by a tree!

One boy was killed sitting in his car when a tree fell on him.

They had called for another storm this afternoon and when it started getting late we all got kinda nervous. But we are blessed again tonight so far!

I just had to let you know what all is going on. You guys are a definite sanity saver!
Hugs of appreciation to each of you! -and stay safe.
love - linda


  1. OH Linda I'm so happy your daughter has come home... sad that something like her Dad being on death's door brought her back... but at least she came back!
    I know how much that would have meant to Dough and You.
    I hope she does not disappear again from your lives later.
    My heart goes out to you all... I think of you EVERY DAY.


  2. It is so nice hearing from you again Linda! Wonderful your daughter came home after so long! We had the terrible storm here too. Thank the LORD we didn't have any damage or electricity out, but many did here. The local Air Force Base was having a special Friday night program for up to 20,000 and the storm hit an hour before the program, or many many would have been hurt. As it was, only 16 people from the workers were hurt, and I think they will be okay soon. God bless you and all that are helping your. all are on my heart and mind continually! Keep in touch when you can! ♥♥♥

  3. Linda so glad to hear your daughter came for a visit How nice.
    Good to hear from you.. I heard all these storms are tearing up the north east. Sorry to hear about all the damage.
    Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. How are things going my friend???
    I have been a bit distracted the last couple of days with Lacy going into labour and having her baby today... but I am still thinking of you and Dough.
    Much love.