Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Has Arrived

Have you noticed that life just rushes by much too fast? Some where between chores and garden and life  I have managed to pull off some baby items.

It's not because the are any in the family but because in this coming December my Sewing Guild has signed up for a Group for Girls who are expecting for it's community donation. We donate items and then the girls take training and such and earn points which they can use to "purchase" our items.

I had to replant a row of beans in the garden as the first planting did not come up -the man at the seeds said it was because it had been so cool and rainy that the sees rotted for many people.  I also got four banana pepper plants from him , since I had enjoyed those that I pickled last year so much. I had put them on little personal pizzas . Probably not the healthiest for you but everyone deserves a treat occasionally. ~smile~

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