Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day


It was a lovely day. This was the second day it has not rained in a couple of weeks and it was such a nice break.

I got all my outdoor chores finished and helped Crystal carry her grill out of her yard on the other side of the fence.  We carried two heavy postal cabinets from the yard and put them on a trailer to get them up off the ground. 

Then we went to the front at the road and Crystal mounted her flag . While she was working on it a beautiful young lady  stopped to check to see if  there were any eggs and I had a dozen in the crate.  She introduced herself as Julie and said how much she and her Mother enjoyed the fresh eggs - it was a pleasure to meet her and I thanked her so much . The hens all want to sit right now and the egg production has really gone downhill. But most of them are banties and that is the way they all. lol I do have 3 that I have let go ahead and sit so maybe in 3 weeks I will have a few babies?

I did have a bad run of luck this afternoon as my Mama Turkey passed away while on her nest. I could find nothing wrong with her and I am just hoping it was old age as I have had her 7 years and she was not young when I got her.  She was a dear. 

I finally took a break and went in the sewing room and cleaned a little. But for some reason I just could not pull it off??? Maybe because my eyes are giving me problems today, so I grabbed my crochet and went out on the front porch where there is good natural light and completed the booties with this color blanket yarn.  When it comes to homemade items Christmas is just around the corner and with faulty eyeballs it has me worried?????

Casper got terribly sick about 10 days ago. He had an awful seizure and then was very weak and did not want to eat. So, I decided maybe the house was too dark and he needed some vitamin D from the sun. I fixed a cage and brought him out on the porch where he is getting the natural light and he gets to see the birds at the feeder . I think he is getting much better . He is eating good and has even started to munch on carrots yesterday and an apple today and watermelon 3 days ago?  So hopefully he will have a good Summer after all. We both love our Summer and Hate the cold , dark winter.  

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