Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

and there is never ending work. And work can be so very painful for some of us older gals, but we really do have to keep on plugging because the pain is there regardless of if you do or do not do.

This little flower is so funny and it is the only flower on the place that was from my Grandmother's flowers 67 years ago. I "think" it is called Star of Bethlehem. It opens up in the daytime and closes at night  and has tiny bulbs. But somehow those little boogers spread all over the place. I never know where they will pop up. Then poof- their foliage will disappear and they will be gone till next year.

These guys are in full bloom. I planted them last year when one of Crystal's friends shared them with her.    

This is one that came from my Mama. 

And one I bought a few years back. 

It is calling for bad storms here today and the wind gets up and it springs rain and then gets very dark. Crystal is weed eating . I am just bone tired from all the work yesterday -mowed and mulched the raised beds and mowed the garden where the weeds had taken over  . Then took my jig saw and cut out a barrel for Crystal's hound to have some shelter.

This morning I dug up a fence line and planted some old pumpkin seeds to see if they might come up? Then planted 3 rows of corn and planted some old carrot seeds to see if they will come up? 

We are having some beans and cornbread. They must have been very old beans because I have had to cook them for 12 hours to get them done?

I have a grapevine I want to plant but I looked it up and Walnut trees kill grave vines after a couple of years and my entire yard is full of them so it is hard to grow things. Even if you cut them down it takes years for the poison to leave the ground.  I did get my water line fixed to my building so now I have water  in the building again. That is a blessing as I just cannot carry that much water these days.

Always a challenge . ~smile~

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  1. You are literally an amazing woman Linda! You keep going like the energizer bunny! Maybe we should nick name you Bunny! LOL Your flower pictures are gorgeous, and I almost cried seeing your grandmother's flowers. I use to have some potted plants from my grandmother, but they died years ago. How I wish I still had them!