Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy evening

Sometimes when you are trying to understand circumstances in life you really do need to just stop and smell the roses.  It makes me angry that I cannot accomplish as much in a day as I use to -so while wrestling with it - I passed this rose and this is the first rose of the year on this lovely bush. It always amazes me how these beautiful creations just bust onto the stage of life. Here for our enjoyment - if we just take the time to settle for a moment and appreciate their beauty. They will not be here forever -but for a moment in time - they change our world.

And I wonder who names this one - was his heart really bleeding from the challenges of his life?

I managed to get all my outdoor chores accomplished and a laundry and then fixed some mail and wrote out a grocery list and reluctantly headed to the grocery store. I really hated to go but I was getting very low on everything . I knew I hated to go when I checked out and the bill was 150.00. Gosh , how do people do it???

I had called Walmart about my prescriptions but they could not have them ready today so poo on them. I cannot waste gas to make several trips to town- plus, my eyes are not always happy so I have to wait for them to do a good job. I do not take chances.

I am so very sore today from my "hand to hand combat" with my tiller the last two days. lol  Everything I have hurts and then some. `smile~ The rain has arrived , a nice soft , easy rain for the night. I have a fire but mainly just to keep the damp chill out of the house. I am so very grateful that Spring is here.

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  1. What a shame your prescription wasn't ready, now you have to go back. $150.. oh my I wish our bill was like that! But sadly, no... it's way, way more than that. Soon you won't need a fire!