Thursday, April 6, 2017


It was certainly a cold, horribly windy, rainy , miserable day -after the week of beautiful weather we have had. Plus the house was filled with smoke and my eyes watered and burned all day long. The temperatures dropped from 56 and are down at 40 now and with the wind it feels even worse.

I tried to complete another booties but ran out of the correct yarn and when I tied on and went on a piece I knew it was the wrong yarn so I had to rip it all out and by then I was just disgusted and quit. When I cannot do anything but make mistakes it is time to call a break.

I got a call about a doctor appointment and discovered it was set for the same day as the MRI so I called and canceled it. I just thought I could only handle so much in one day.

Then I got the pups to play. They are just learning -this is the second time I have got them to play. Indy always acted like I was going to beat him so it took a while to show him it was alright and encouraged to play and have fun.

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