Saturday, April 8, 2017

End of week

It's been two whole days since I could operate my wood stove as the chimney became blocked once again , but the wind was too bad to allow Crystal to go up on the roof top to access the chimney-although she does make a beautiful "chimney-sweep".  It is so very nice to have a nice warm fire tonight.

She worked today and then brought home news that one of my best friends is in hospice care and not suppose to be here for much longer. I had held it in as long as I could and broke into tears. Tears for this beautiful lady who I have known since 1972-who dedicated her life to her two children and then in turn turned into drug addicts and thieves. They had stolen their own Mama's medicines and every penny of her money they could lay their hands on -even down to her insurance money to bury her. She had always said she could never turn her back on her children. These should have been the happiest years of her life, but instead she was abused , lied to and stolen from . It really breaks my heart.

I met her and her sweet hubby a month before my husband was burnt in a chemical explosion where they worked at. Doug had come home one morning and told me he had just met this young man walking on his way to work and that he had just got hired at the same plant manufacturing the rubber to make tires that my husband had just been hired at. So he picked him up and they road to work together. They had come from W.Va. and had a small son who was just walking. We four hit it off right off the bat. But it was only a short time later that my husband was burnt in the explosion at the plant and rushed to the hospital -which in turn rushed him hour hours away to another burn center. I,of course took off after him and Dennis and Eva Ann were the only ones to come to visit him. When Dennis saw how alone I was in a big city he dropped Eva off to stay with me for a week. She even saved my life one night as we were walking through an underground tunnel that took us from the nurses's dormitory, where I was staying -into the hospital. There was a sharp curve and she yanked me backwards so hard my teeth chattered and got me out of there. When we were safe she explained there there two guys she could see from her vantage point crouched down with knives in the dark ??? I Really missed her when she had to leave at the end of that week.

A year later she was in a horrible car crash and almost died. I had grabbed DH up and told him we were going to W.Va. because Eva was in a wreck. I took her my necklace and reminded her of the scripture about faith the grain of a mustard seed could move mountains and put it on her. She healed perfectly . I love her dearly. Some friends are just so precious.


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