Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nice Busy Day

I still have my cat dilemma -Callie -the one who was dropped on me last Snowstorm has tried to run the other two off??? But we all know Rosie is my "Sewing Cat" and since Midnight passed away last Summer , I promised Rosie that she could spend time in the front porch on the swing. My daughter even built a really nice roof to shelter the porch so we could enjoy the swing. Well, I have to Lock Callie up in the spare room all day long so Rosie can come out and she is wide open to hit that porch the first thing each morning after I lock Callie in. Callie is learning to sleep most of the day away unless I go in and out which takes me by her window and she talks to me and I talk to her . I tell her she should not be such a bad kitty????

I did all my morning chores and then headed down to the garden.

My poor Rainbow Chard is really struggling as every bug in town has tried to eat it up. So I went through and saved what I could and then doused the rest with Diatomaceous Earth . Then I moved on the the Stevia plant.

I had already harvested one batch of the stevia and dehydrated it . I was So Very proud of it - only to have something fall out of my hands and crash into the glass jar I had stored it in and lose every piece of it -thanks to the shattered glass????? So, I am trying one more time.  I have cleaned the chard and the stevia up and have them both in the dehydrator.

I had a late lunch and then debated my next course of action. Realizing my Summer is fast slipping away I debated on the next most important project and realized it should be the Sewing Guild Dolls ! So hunting up supplies seemed to take forever??? It is amazing how easy it is to misplace things when you have house-guests. But I finally pulled off this little outfit for this little doll. The Sewing Guild meets the second Thursday of each month so I am determined to complete this box full of dolls that I had brought home with me. Then I can start back on Christmas gifts as it is just around the corner. Time I finish this doll project, then the Christmas projects -the rest of the garden - it will be time to figure out how to get that wood stove installed back into the house?? I tried to do without it but learned from last year that I cannot afford the propane furnace. My bill averaged 600.00 a month and I was still so cold. That took all of my savings -so I will have nothing to fall back on this Winter. Hubby had tore the chimney down before he passed away because of a chimney fire that had cracked the blocks. Now I will have to come up with some kind of chimney and some human man-power to carry the old stove  back in the house????  My daughter has to get her truck fixed so I can use it to carry the firewood I will need to cut and carry home. But, at the moment my shingles pain is trying to give me a fit so I will have to go deal with it. One little challenge at a time. ~smile~

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