Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where In The World Did I Go TO?????

Well, my life got slammed by a family crisis involving young people and drugs and that kind of altered my steps for many weeks. It seems that a large  majority of families are getting slammed that way. It can be heart-breaking .But it is turning out with good results this time.

Then the last of my sheep of twenty some years all passed away with in weeks of each other , leaving the antique donkey very lonely. The only companionship he can work up is the local Mama deer and her baby.

They helped sooth his isolation for a little bit and life moved on .

I next manage to find myself involved with a monster called Shingles and it laid me low for several weeks - Grrrrrrr!  Not the Summer I had planned to enjoy. But still one to learn lessons from.

I did get to enjoy my little great-granddaughter and come to remember why God gives babies to the YOUNG People! LOL

I next lost my beloved Blondie of 13 years -who died in my arms of heart disease. My daughter helped me bury her that day as my heart was broken. She leaves behind two daughters and one son who are 10.

I did finally manage to stagger back into my garden, turned jungle and discover I had grown carrots -for the first time in my lifetime! I was very impressed. I have been canning tomatoes for the winter . I also discovered a new recipe for squash. I had sauted an onion then grated a yellow squash and placed a diced potatoe on top of it all . I seasoned it with salt and pepper and DILL and fell in love with it! I had never used dill in anything but pickled and really enjoyed this change of pace.

The only sewing I have pulled off was cutting off long sleeve shirts for one friend and then cutting off pants legs for a neighbor. But I was tickled to pull that off as it all takes time and energy and a calm mind and some eyeballs that co-operate. I am still having that conversation with-mine. But I am so grateful to still be able to see.

My daughter has built her a "tiny-house " in the back pasture and she has had her own learning lessons as she found the donkey standing in her house heating the cat food??? LOL

I wonder how your Summer has flown by?????   ~smile~

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  1. Sorry to read of Blondies passing ....always sad to lose a long loved for baby..
    Hope you are over the shingles. Nice to have your daughter living close by.