Monday, July 3, 2017

July Already???????????

How does time just fly by so quickly? The last two weeks have just literally flown by.  But when you stay busy I guess that is the way it goes? No wonder I am just getting Older Every Day??? ~smile~

I have dressed Crystal's wound every day-pulling out the salt strips that I have to insert deep inside of the wound and putting new ones in. She has been a real Trooper. I mean how would you like to pour salt in a wound?? The hospital decided it must have been a brown recluse bite and the infection is still pouring out .

I Finally got some warm weather - here it is the 3rd of July and the last 3 days have been warm enough for me to leave the window open at night. It has been so pleasant. Three nights ago it was a perfect temperature with a slight breeze blowing and a full moon. I took the pups out at almost midnight and we sat in the swing and just enjoyed the most perfect night I have enjoyed in a long time.

I am still fighting with ticks galore -every time I go out in the pasture to do anything.  Then a week ago I got attacked by a rooster. Now normally I would not think much of it but he was on a shelf high above me when I went in to feed and water and he weighs right at 7 pounds so he is no light-weight. He came down on me full force and caught me on the head and temple and almost took me to the ground. I was stunned and stumbled out of the little hen house . I do believe he gave me a slight concussion because since  I have had 3 before I know the symptoms - this blinding headache has been my main complaint the entire week but the  "Rooster-Egg" he left on my head and the bruise on my temple have been reminders. I still have a terrible sore head and am careful combing my hair or washing my face. I did rig up a single dwelling cage for him outdoors beside the henhouse since he wants to bully me and I do not want to get hurt any more than I have too.

 Me and the pups are enjoying ourselves tremendously . By the time I get up and do all the outside chores and then the inside chores and then work on the garden and mow and change the chicken runs and mulch on the garden -the day just is gone?

My doctor sent me to a physical therapist to help teach me exercises to help with the arthritis in my neck and back.  He taught me two last week and then I had a fibro flare that has made me miserable all week long. So, up and on we go.

Maybe Crystal will continue to improve. I sure do hope so!


  1. Do hope Crystal 's wound is healing now. Looks very sore.

  2. It amazes me how much you get done all on your own. I hope Crystal's wound is getting better.