Sunday, February 4, 2018

In The Midst of the Work

You can "steal" a little treat. I have still been working on the fire damage cleaning part and while cleaning my Parlor Princess's bed I discovered she needed a pillow case for her body pillow that she likes to perch on through the day to keep an eye on things? Then I discovered a small sheet I had found at the Goodwill and brought home for just that purpose last Summer so why not use this moment as the perfect treat for me ? So, it was my moment to steal away to the sewing machine my friend, Lynne had fixed for me and make Mocha a pillowcase. Something simple that did not bring me to tears with the challenge? It was a pure pleasure to get to do something enjoyable-even for a short time and Mocha has her pillowcase. Yea.

Well, you have heard of dogs that steal the cat bed-but when I peeked in at the new dog bed -hoping to find one of the pups in it because it is near the wood stove and nice and warm- only to find Miss Rosie claiming it. Normally she despises me to take her picture , but in her bliss she only opened that one eye and then ignored me. lol

Indy decided to check out his new sweatshirt he got for this awful cold spell and it was nice and warm to wear outdoors to do chores.

Daisy just wanted to check out her new toys and seemed to pass them all with her stamp of approval. It is cold and rainy here with the ice hanging all over the trees as the temperature hangs right on freezing. I am glad I got the morning chores accomplished early before it got so slippery .

I am just so tired. Sure do wish my energy would come back soon. But ,I Really do Hate winter -I will be so glad to see Summer and all the goodness that comes with it.

I fixed my second dish of curry this past week and it was really good, so I must like curries. I really do love soups of all kinds. I am fixing black beans and cornbread for Crystal tonight and then hoping to turn the leftovers into black bean soup tomorrow.

There are just so many things I would like to do that it overwhelms me to try to organize it? Life is definitely Full and I am grateful .

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  1. You doggy project was nice, and so are all your fur babies! Mine is sitting with me right now! I am still so sorry about that fire! Whoa~ God knows what you are going through. Hope that is a comfort of some sort. Praying your energy comes back too for all your projects you want and need to accomplish! Lots of love to you and Crystal!