Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Middle of week already??

One of my pet peeves has always been to hear someone say, "I'm so bored"???? How in the world can you be Bored? There is never enough time in my days and they just fly by.

I was up at 5 this morning-not my usual time, but I wish it was . Maybe then I could get caught up? I worked on the computer until daylight so I could be quiet and let the granddaughter and great granddaughter sleep in. 

Then I was out the door. I caught my daughter leaving and tossed two bags of trash on her truck so she could toss it off at the road for pick up. Then I headed up to the building and carried all the chickens out. Then I worked on cleaning out their runs and feeding and giving clean water.

I went to the garden and picked my 3 rows of peas and found my very first Yellow Zucchini was ripe. There were 3 of them so I carried them to the house in triumph! Yea - I had outfoxed the squash bugs long enough to at least harvest 3. I was tickled.

I carried the peas out on the porch and started to shell them and the granddaughter came out and started helping me when a wild rain came up. I knew it would Because I had put the chickens out. If I had kept them locked up then it would not have rained and I would have been mad. 

The rain doubled back on us and started to pour in on us on the porch so we came in and Chantal worked on the peas in the house while I ran out and got the 4 hens that I had tied out in the rain. They were soaking wet and very disgusted with me.

I came back in and got on the computer looking for a good recipe for the zucchini while Chantal still worked on the peas. I finally found a recipe that I had some of the ingredients for so I helped finish up the peas and got the spiralizer down and worked on the zucchini. It always amazes me to see them turn into zoodles! lol  

The recipe I found was for Zucchini Alfredo and it was pretty good . I fixed a Big bowl of macaroni salad to go with it and then had a bowl of homemade ice milk to top it all off. It was a nice supper.

I carried the little chickens up from the garden and took 3 more bags of trash down to the road since the trash did not run today. I guess the holiday throwed it off and it should run tomorrow. 

When I carried the little chickens up to the building one of the runs was very wet. I was very mad because I just cannot figure out how rain is getting in there???? It is a metal building???????????

Now I am almost ready to fall over and the grands are just up from their nap????
Help? ~smile~

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday Raining

I had picked up the little munchkin a set of jewelry with the earrings and bangles and she was so cute -for a minute , before she demolished them. lol  Actually I had thought about stealing them because they were so light weight and comfortable. ~smile!

She got to go spend a couple of days with her Nanny this weekend and I got to take off and spend a day with my best friend.

We both felt a little under the weather for some reason so if misery loves company - we were in good company. There is nothing like a good friend to share your misery with. ~smile~ This one I have been blessed with for approximately 40 years. I always said when God picks them for you - He picks the Best.

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend -and holiday over here in the USA.